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Not at the same time, obviously. But when it's quiet at my desk I'm probably humming one of these. In no particular order...
  1. Bad Moon Rising - CCR
  2. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - Flaming Lips
    This might always be stuck in my head at all times, actually. Just waiting below the surface, ready to strike
  3. No Scrubs - TLC
    Courtesy of the warehouse guy at work with surprisingly eclectic musical tastes
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I always have a bunch of bitchin ideas for Halloween (at least, I think so) but whenever I share them with friends they say they don't know what it is or nobody would get it. Here are a few rejected ideas from this year!
  1. Powerline, from A Goofy Movie
    This one would be super fun, and pretty easy if I could find a yellow jumpsuit. Plus the songs are catchy as hell and I basically know them by heart. But reasons I heard why I shouldn't try this one ranged from "who?" to "it's too old, nobody would remember it" to "that's basically being a furry". OH WELL.
  2. The Squid, from Rocket Power
    Another one shot down because it's based too heavily in nostalgia. This one would work though, I think, because one year I did the Silver Snakes from Legends of the Hidden Temple and a couple people thought I was "that kid from Rocket Power." So it's got slightly higher than zero recognition! But this would be better as a couples costume with Reggie Rocket anyway, so I guess it's NOPE after all.
  3. Some store-bought bullshit like "vampire"
    Come on. I'm better than that. TRY AGAIN.
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