Songs Stuck in My Head Right Now

Not at the same time, obviously. But when it's quiet at my desk I'm probably humming one of these. In no particular order...
  1. Bad Moon Rising - CCR
  2. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - Flaming Lips
    This might always be stuck in my head at all times, actually. Just waiting below the surface, ready to strike
  3. No Scrubs - TLC
    Courtesy of the warehouse guy at work with surprisingly eclectic musical tastes
  4. Lord Only Knows - Beck
  5. Prince Ali, from Aladdin. Apparently.
    How the hell this got in the mix... ? I haven't seen Aladdin for probably 10+ years.
  6. Billie Jean - MJ
  7. The friggin jingle from those state farm insurance commercials.
    God dammit.
  8. The Jonathan Coulton cover of Baby Got Back