Not at the same time, obviously. But when it's quiet at my desk I'm probably humming one of these. In no particular order...
  1. Bad Moon Rising - CCR
  2. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - Flaming Lips
    This might always be stuck in my head at all times, actually. Just waiting below the surface, ready to strike
  3. No Scrubs - TLC
    Courtesy of the warehouse guy at work with surprisingly eclectic musical tastes
  4. Lord Only Knows - Beck
  5. Prince Ali, from Aladdin. Apparently.
    How the hell this got in the mix... ? I haven't seen Aladdin for probably 10+ years.
  6. Billie Jean - MJ
  7. The friggin jingle from those state farm insurance commercials.
    God dammit.
  8. The Jonathan Coulton cover of Baby Got Back