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When will she stop? My response usually looks like this 😑
  1. The shower is running 'Ellis are you having a shower' 'yes' 'ok well hurry up I need a shower.'
  2. Upon emerging from her shower 'Ellis, what's all these bottles in the shower, are they empty are you finished with them' 'I don't know you are in the shower.'
  3. 'Ellis see this toilet lid, it closes if you shut it!'
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All the books I've read, titled or non titled, that I can remember right this second.
  1. Can't and Won't by .....
  2. The Kyril Bonfiglioli trilogy of Charlie Mortdecai
  3. The Society of Crossed Keys, a collection of works by Stefan Zweig
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  1. 1.
    Sophie's 23rd birthday present.
    Hemp Body Shop Hand Cream//Sensitive and Non Fragranced Face Exfoliate//
  2. 2.
    Perhaps return the silicone gel eyeliner brush because Hannah gave me her spare one that is much much better.
  3. 3.
    I have a dress that might be too summery for Sophie's birthday night, I could either buy a good pair of heels for the dress or buy a new dress and hope whatever it is works with the shoes I already have.
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I ask nick questions that I've answered and wait for his response with suspense, wondering, sometimes hoping, they match my answer.
  1. When watching a Louis Theroux documentary about plastic surgery (Pre-Operation) "Do you think her boobs are like mine?" His response was: I didn't see them.
  2. Do my legs look ok? Like, do they still look okay? "Yeah mmhmm" What I wanted was an elaboration on this topic. Why are my legs still okay do you think?
My dreams that bore everyone but need to be written down and out there.
  1. Two nights ago// Sophie and I were in prison. The reason we were there was not important nor acknowledged. Before we knew it we were on a prison trip with other inmates and were the last off the mini bus when I realised there was somebody was still inside the bus. The person was chopped up but that was his disability. Being a nice person, Sophie...
  2. ... went back to assemble his body parts and help him off the bus. As she head back to the bus I could suddenly see the guy was the person who killed her boyfriend. I tried to warn her but it was too late and she had to confront this.