All the books I've read, titled or non titled, that I can remember right this second.
  1. Can't and Won't by .....
  2. The Kyril Bonfiglioli trilogy of Charlie Mortdecai
  3. The Society of Crossed Keys, a collection of works by Stefan Zweig
  4. A short story by Stefan Zweig that I cannot remember the title of. A very rich lady falls in love with a young and dumb gambler and tries to improve his life but a leopard doesn't change its spots.
  5. In year 9 I read a book in English class about a girl called Zoe and a boy that were from different backgrounds and areas that met through a tunnel and their love was forbidden but nothing could stop them. Everyone in class was bored but I really enjoyed reading it.
  6. Of course, Breakfast at Tiffanys.
  7. The catcher in the rye by J D Salinger which is my favourite book. The book that made me realise a few things about life and about myself.
  8. I once read a book when I was probably between the age of 10-14 about a magical bookshop. I read the book very quickly because I liked it and therefore the fresh paper and print smell was very strong, which I love.
  9. I haven't finished reading Little Women. I started reading it on my dads kindle and then a book that I was waiting for came in the post and I couldn't wait to start reading it so I put Little Women down, bought it in paperback and now waiting to finish it.