1. Sophie's 23rd birthday present.
    Hemp Body Shop Hand Cream//Sensitive and Non Fragranced Face Exfoliate//
  2. Perhaps return the silicone gel eyeliner brush because Hannah gave me her spare one that is much much better.
  3. I have a dress that might be too summery for Sophie's birthday night, I could either buy a good pair of heels for the dress or buy a new dress and hope whatever it is works with the shoes I already have.
  4. I would like some new pyjamas, long sleeved, long legged.
  5. Cherry shoe polish for my Doc. Martens.
  6. Girls box set- streaming online is just too much.
  7. Technically, what I do really need to upgrade is my hair straighteners and Hair Dryer but let's face the facts that isn't going to happen till they are both actually not starting.
  8. I've got lots of books that need to be read so no books.
  9. I could always do with more books.
  10. It's Nicks mums birthday soon, I shall need to think of something to buy her. I possibly might paint something onto a plate.