1. Trailer
    I can tell a lot about how much I will like a movie based on the trailer alone.I know if a movie will be not funny if the jokes on the trailer suck. Good movies speak for themselves, there's no need to put a narrator to hype it up. Not so good movies use the guy with the deep voice.
  2. Story
    Is there a good story to the movie? This is why I don't like most action, super hero, or many comedies: they have no original story that appeals to my taste.
  3. Genre
    I completely stay away from horror, action, and kids movies. I usually like comedies (very hard to get a funny one), suspense, and drama.
  4. Actors
    I like certain actors and dislike others. If a movie has Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington then I usually go for it. I also know that certain actors like Adam Sandler make 1 out of 10 funny movies, so I might consider it based on the other criteria.
  5. Cover
    Graphic artists do such a good job nowadays that it is harder to tell from this criteria alone. However, I use the cover to decide if its a type of movie I would consider. See genre.