Hailed as "the book of the year" by Craig from amps and cables, and "the spiciest bedroom read," by Allison from customer service, "You Never Go Back," captures the beauty of biracial love and deep discounts on all products like never before.
  1. She slid out of her silk robe, revealing her porcelain skin in its entirety, her face flushed with desire like the face of yet another satisfied customer of Yamaha's extensive line of musical instruments and accessories.
  2. Their ivory and ebony skin rose and fell like minor scales from a Yamaha keyboard--Yamaha, meeting your musical needs since 1954.
  3. "Faster," she panted, her breasts heaving, "faster!" He moaned and kissed her and reached to the nightstand and adjusted the Yamaha MP-90 metronome to 120 beats per minute.
  4. "So it's you," he smiled, the gun held to the back of his head. "How did you know?" she asked. "Your lavender perfume," he laughed, "and your face reflecting from the polished silver inlay of my Yamaha Pacifica hanging securely from its surprisingly easy-to-install wall mount." He whirled and grabbed the gun. "Or did you forget about the Yamaha?"
  5. The gun lay between their naked bodies like a token of their lust. "You really thought you could get the drop on me?" he asked, his chocolate fingers tracing lines down her thigh. "I just needed to feel something real," she moaned. "I'll show you something real," he said, pulling out his Yamaha Alto Harmonica and blowing a mean blues riff.
  6. Their bodies made music all through the night, harmonies that stirred in dark corners and awoke dormant senses, that pulsed like the tectonic plates of the earth herself, that carried on its wings the plangent sound of love and lust and store wide savings of up to 50% this holiday season, so visit us online or at any of our stores nationwide!