In celebration of a beautiful winter Sunday in the blameless Willamette Valley. All photos within 1/4 mile of my house.
  1. When the sky is clear, there is no better place to be than sprawled on my couch, book in hand, feeling the sun warming my face.
  2. A froggy marshland to explore with my niece and nephew when the sun is out following a big rainstorm.
  3. Filbert groves flooded after a heavy rain become bird sanctuaries.
  4. Out for a stroll with my intrepid niece, collecting "skeletons" made from shredded, sun bleached pipe.
  5. The pond at the bottom of my hill. Always beautiful on a clear, still evening.
  6. The back lot abutting the Willamette River. A seemingly infinite sea of grassy green during late afternoon.
  7. A distant sun sets over this human wasteland. Efforts to harness the countryside are further foiled.
  8. Blue purity cutting through vineyards.
  9. Sunrise in a puddle.
  10. I've seen more rainbows in this part of the valley than anywhere else in my life.
  11. See?
  12. See?
  13. Too cold to swim in for awhile, but always photogenic.
  14. The beautiful estate of my nearest neighbor, the deceased aviator Del Smith.