inspired by @veshecco
  1. That my viewpoint isn't the only viewpoint.
    And that's ok, I find myself welcoming it now. Looking forward to expanding my horizons.
  2. That people of different backgrounds, and ages, can all rally together and get behind a cause.
  3. That list come in many forms including grocery list.
    Opinions, interest, travel, food, and rants.
  4. Nostalgia is always fun!
  5. I have more to say than I ever thought possible.
    It's anonymity without being anonymous if that makes sense.
  6. Theirs still safe spaces on the internet and my favorite is called list.
  7. I look forward to what I learn throughout the day from my fellow listers.
    You have a array of subjects in all your list I always pick up good information.
  8. All social media isn't bad. (I only have Pinterest and list.)
    I have never had Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and deleted Snapchat.
  9. The people are wonderful, full of light, love, and amazing energy.
    Too many to name but you all hold a special place in my ❤.
  10. Ive never been as involved with politics, and causes as I am today, thanks for inspiring me to keep at it.