1st in your town

Every state or city you live in has had a 1st of something what is it?
  1. Charleston, SC
    1st museum in America.
  2. Summerville, SC
    1st people to add sugar to brewed tea AKA: They invented sweet tea.
  3. Butler University
    First place to use an orange basketball instead of brown so it was easier to see.
    Suggested by   @jccallist
  4. Fort Worth, TX
    the world's first indoor rodeo
    Suggested by   @margaretmae
  5. College Station, TX
    home to the first public institution of higher education in the state of Texas!!!! (yes, Texas A&M came before the University of Texas, look it up)
    Suggested by   @margaretmae
  6. Arlington, VA
    First county in the US to choose the county manager plan of government. Has first all-hybrid taxi fleet in the US. First suburban DC metro stations.
    Suggested by   @macnchz