I'm currently staying in Graham, NC for a month or two and they've had their first snow fall of the season.
  1. I've see snow, it snows in Charleston once every 10 years. It never is more than 3 inches and never sticks for long.
  2. We got 8 inches last night, it's covered everything. Like a fluffy white blanket!!!
  3. Prepping is a bitch.
    Top: bra, tank top, thermal, fleece shirt, jacket, and toboggan. Bottom: tube socks, fleece thermal pants, jeans, and two pair of gloves.
  4. First feel, it's so soft and fluffy!!!
  5. Spending some quality family fun time!!!
    This is all the feels for ever!!!
  6. My first snow angle!!!
  7. I like this snow stuff👍👌.