1. A
    I eat a apple a day, it's good for digestion.
  2. B
    Baking relaxes me.
  3. C
    I've recently got braver in the kitchen cooking, less recipes more off the cuff.
  4. D
    I have a dachshund named Abby.
  5. E
    I have my ears pierced, and usually have jewelry in.
  6. F
    I'm a foodie, love trying new creation's.
  7. G
    I play guitar, not well but I do!
  8. H
    Home is South Carolina.
  9. I
    I am: strong, beautiful, smart, and creative.
  10. J
    My name is Jennifer.
  11. K
    Kissing is important no matter how long you've been together.
  12. L
    I love hard.
  13. M
    My sugar gliders name is Marley.
  14. N
    Nut butter is always in my cabinet.
  15. O
    Green olives are better than black.
  16. P
    Penguins are my favorite animal.
  17. Q
    I enjoy my peace and quiet.
  18. R
    I read daily, anything and everything.
  19. S
    Ive owned three smart cars their perfect for my lifestyle.
  20. T
    Grape tomatoes are my favorite snack.
  21. U
    I believe in unicorns!
  22. V
    I eat vegitables daily.
  23. W
    I consider my self a wanderlust.
  24. X
    Just finished all of the x-men movies wolverine is my favorite character.
  25. Y
    I practice yoga but not as often as I should.
  26. Z
    I just learned how to sew zippers, so I can make my own bags!