Allow me listroduce™ myself. (Over due)

I've been on for a couple weeks now, but haven't subscribed to a listroduction until now. love the app, gives me a friendly atmosphere to channel my ADD creatively.
  1. Hello, my name is Jennifer Ann Carroll.
    I know...I have three first names. I'm perfectly fine with it tho I was a close second to being named Christmas. Smh.
  2. I live in Charleston, sc.
    Once voted 8th most beautiful city, growing up I was convinced I would do everything in my power not die here. Now however I'm happy to call it home base.
  3. I'm a wanderlust!
    I love to travel, not sure if it's the southern roots, or a inheritance from my nana but I never met a stranger.
  4. I worked retail for all of my professional career, until 3 years ago when I suddenly got sick.🤒🤕
    At one point I had 13 DR's that took 6 months and 7 biopsy's to figure out what was wrong with me.
  5. Non specific interstitial pneumonia, the culprit that knocked me on my ass. Apparently it's caused by a auto immune disease a myopathic dermatomyositis, but that hasn't been proven yet.
    The benefit of visiting three separate hospitals in three separate states is you actually understand house's (Tv show) dr jargon.
  6. During this insane period of time where my body decided to betray me, I purchased the love of my life. A sugar glider I named Marley Monroe.
    A man that can't leave me, mostly because he is completely dependent on me. Taking care of him made me focus on something I could control, his happiness.
  7. Hobby's I've picked up since diagnosis...
  8. Painting
    Happy trees🏝
  9. Cooking
  10. Baking
  11. Gardening
  12. In college I studied photography.
    I've been collecting vintage camera's for over 15 years.
  13. My favorite animal is a penguin.
    They mate for life, humans don't even do that anymore...
  14. My favorite song is red house by Jimmy Hendrix.
  15. My favorite food type is cuban.
  16. Thanks for allowing me to listroduce myself.