Any one else tierd 24/7?

  1. I've fully recovered form a brutal upper respiratory issue.
  2. Recent blood test have come back within normal ranges.
    I've been anemic in the past, but that looks to be clear.
  3. I've been eating healthier lately.
  4. Consuming more water.
  5. Exercising daily
  6. But I still feel very sluggish.
  7. I'm sleeping, but never feel like it's enough.
  8. I don't use most forms of caffeine.
    Energy drinks and sodas are a no, and I only drink coffee occasionally.
  9. I take vitamin D because I was told it helps.
    I can't tell the difference.
  10. I've got a referral to a neurologist sleep Dr but the appointment isn't until may 26th
  11. Any suggestions?
    I'd appreciate it. Thanks guys!