back storie my god sister who I've know all my life literally our mothers are best friends and were prego together. has been sliding for a while now.
  1. She still lives at home, in a apartment built in the back of the family home.
  2. She was recently divorced (8 months recent.)
    No fault of her own, her ex was caught multiple times cheating.
  3. She has a beautiful 3 year old who is the apple of my eye.
  4. Currently unemployed for the last year and a half.
    Originally the stress of her job exasperated medical issues and she had to have major surgery to remove female parts (not to get to personal)
  5. The surgery had complications, however she stopped going to all follow ups to figure out the actual problem.
    Maybe the mindset is if I don't know, it can't hurt me further?
  6. When present she's a wonderful caring mother
  7. But her family dynamic has recently changed. Her parents are going through a on again off again divorce.
    And have brought her and her siblings Into it.
  8. That's enough stress for anyone but she has managed to jump from relationship to relationship.
    Sometimes as little as 2 months single in-between.
  9. She is currently with a guy who seams nice enough however all her siblings and her mother don't like him.
    Which is causing major strife in the family.
  10. I feel like she is under the impression I'm the only one on her side.
    I am, however I feel like she should just be focusing on her health and her child.
  11. I grew up with a mother that dragged me to bars and had a revolving door of men in and out until I was 7 when she had a stable relationship for 10 years.
  12. Am I just pushing my bad experiences on her and is my worry for her child remembering this later in life legit?
  13. She has been staying at my place with the boyfriend on and off because it's tense at home, and her daughter has been dropped off three times this week.
  14. Watching her daughter isn't a issue, I don't want or need compensation. I just want to make sure she's ok, and get her a regular schedule.
  15. Should I say anything?
  16. Am I just projecting, and should just keep doing what she needs because she's getting it from all sides anyway?
  17. Should I offer to keep her daughter for a week so she can sort some tense situations out with her family and not have to worry about her?
  18. Thanks, any advice would be welcomed.