First time I went to the wholesale club today.
  1. You can use manufacturer coupons ✔
  2. They have additional coupons you have to use for the extra savings.😒
    What if I forget your coupon book, or miss a coupon in the book for something I buy?
  3. They only have one or two at most of a item.😒
    You want dryer sheets bounce it is, you want popcorn only two choices.
  4. Baked goods on the other hand had a lot of variety.✔
    Cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, and cookie cakes.
  5. Clothes, electronics, school supplies, bath and body.✔
  6. I don't know I'd pay the $40 for membership but it was fun to walk around.
    Too bad I forgot my Fitbit...