1. waking up: I can't believe it's 6:45 on my day off and I'm getting up for a "promotion" ceremony for a 5th grader.
  2. Driving to ceremony: I didn't have a promotion ceremony when I went to middle school, and I turned out fine!
  3. Arriving at ceremony: oh great the kids are walking in as I am, and Laura (mother of 5th grader) isn't even here!
  4. Searching room: sweet! Empty bench should be enough room for three, I'll just sit my purse down to hold a spot.
  5. Sitting: oh this isn't the sturdiest bench.
  6. Waiting: those ladies look like they're coming towards me, they're not small.
  7. Hoping: please don't let this bench collapse.
  8. Thankful: my new neighbors didn't crash the bench!
  9. Questioning: does my new female neighbor have a beard? Yes she does, a rather large one.
  10. Ready: alright we got through 5a,5b,5c,5d, and 5f (where the hell was "5e"?) We must me done!
  11. Annoyed: why did we just go through all the kids achievement awards, and not give them the "promotion certificate" as well.
  12. Pissed: I have to wait through all these kids names again?! Come on!
  13. Done: yes! Freedom!