1. I have a semi large family, but I'm the only girl in the last generation.
    Also a only child of the oldest sibling.
  2. My grandfather passed away 6 years ago.
    RIP Grand.
  3. My nanny is still with us, and we moved her from her home upstate South Carolina to Charleston 5 years ago.
    She was self-sufficient in a home of her own for four of those years.
  4. Late last year she sold her home and moved in with my aunt due to hiccups with her health.
    Most of the family felt this decision was rushed, but she was convinced on the premise she was going into a Retirement Community.
  5. A year later she's no closer to the retirement home she envisioned, my aunt seems overwhelmed and there's absolutely no communication between the family members about her health.
  6. As she does not drive anymore most of the logistics of doctors appointments and church events is left up to me.
    My aunt and her husband do not approve of my mother's lifestyle so they do not communicate with her other than when they have to.
  7. I end up picking up the slack.
    I happily step up to the plate, becoming the mediator but have not been treated as an equal.
  8. I'm still seen as the "grandkid" even though I'm given the responsibility of the "siblings"
  9. A couple of days ago my aunt's husband called me with the soul purpose of yelling at me.
    Over a situation happening back home I wasn't involved in. Unfortunately this isn't the first time this has happened.
  10. It will be the last!
    Why doesn't he understand hostile family environment isn't good for anyone.
  11. I've decided to take a step back! So that her other children can grow up and learn to deal with each other.
    I'll take her to dr apts, and any other place she needs to go, but from now on were going to have a more traditional grandmother granddaughter relationship fun and relaxing!
  12. After all she is old enough to take care of herself.