Did any li.sters go out on black Friday?

curiosity killed the cat...did you go out? Any horror story's? What amazing deals did you get?
  1. I went to Walmart around 6 last night and picked through stacks of DVD displays. I ended up with 20 kids movies for $1.97 a piece. I don't get upset when I pay $2 and they get lost, broken, or scratched. ☺
  2. Food Shopping for a Party tomorrow night.
    The supermarket had few people in it.
    Suggested by   @PassiveAggressor
  3. I went this afternoon.
    Stocked up on candles at Bath & Body, bought a few Christmas gifts for my brother at Target and then bought lots of Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Got some pretty sweet deals at Michael's since Christmas stuff was 60 or 70% off and garland was only $2.
    Suggested by   @MissJess