Favorite brand or flavor of hot tea, and what you put in it?

  1. I'm a huge fan of Bigelow vanilla chi
  2. Bigelow Constant Comment with a touch of honey.
    Suggested by   @DavidT66
  3. Hot peppermint tea, straight
    Suggested by   @pathb
  4. Bigelow Lemon Lift tea and ginger snap cookies. Best winter treat.
    Suggested by   @DavidT66
  5. Republic of Tea's red velvet flavor tea with one packet of stevia, very yummy and good for after dinner ☺️
    Suggested by   @colleen8464
  6. Mint or green tea with honey and some milk
    Suggested by   @futurewriter13
  7. Earl grey or English Breakfast with a lil' sugar
    That can be one packet or instead some of a dunked cookie that might somehow happen to be part of the moment... !
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  8. Bigelow Green Tea with Constant Comment
    Just the right amount of spicy! Hot or iced, it needs just a bit of sugar.
    Suggested by   @Dashelamet