First order on

  1. I got a coupon for Walmarts new online grocery pick up program.
  2. You have to create a Walmart account.
  3. Then you order all the foods or household items you need.
    You can either search by category or type specific items in.
  4. You pick a day, and window of time to pick your order up.
    Windows are in 1hr increments.
  5. You add your payment information.
  6. You double check items on the list and quantities of items.
  7. If you have a coupon code you add it.
  8. You get a confirmation email.
  9. Then you go to your chosen Walmart within your time slot and call the number and they bring it out and load your car.
  10. As of now their is no easy order extra charge.
  11. I pick up tomorrow hopefully it goes on without a hitch.