Food Ive had in the hospital since being admitted.

I'm a quick study, and it took me 1 meal to know that after you order a la cart it takes 1 1/2 hours to receive your food, and you need to order two times the amount your going to eat because you won't like half and the other half is inedible.
  1. Spaghetti and meatsauce and a side salad.
    It was orange instead of red, and had meatballs under noodles with meatsauce on top. One of the better options I've had.
  2. Breakfast sandwich (English muffin, cheese, egg, and unidentified meat) grits, apple.
    The grits were bland and solidified, and the mystery meat was edible but not my favorite thing. Apple (I'm squirreling food in case I order a horrible meal so I won't starve)
  3. Roast beef and Swiss on whole wheat, pasta salad, chips.
    Sandwich on point, pasta salad had two noodles half a bottle of Italian dressing and pieces of broccoli, eww and I squirrelled the chips.
  4. Pot roast, whipped potatoes, Mac and cheese, biscuits, apple pie.
    Pot roast seasoned well, but the piece I had was 50% fat, whipped potatoes were lumpy and bland, and mac and cheese was sweet??? The biscuit was a rock, and the apple pie was actually good.
  5. Omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, and ham. Hashbrowns, banana.
    Omelet was passable, hashbrowns was a brick, and the banana was just how I like it. (No spots)
  6. Tomato soup, ham melt.
    Cold soup, soggy melt.