Foods I look at and don't understand how people decided to eat in the first place.

  1. 🍍 pineapple
    It's pointy and prickly, why would you look at it and think that was sweet tangy and delicious.
  2. Lobster
    It can literally fight back, and it's shell resembles armor.
  3. Coconut
    It's poo brown and Harry for God's sake.
  4. 🦀Crabs
    A food so gnarly it's named after a infestation.
  5. Jack fruit
    It literally looks like spiky mold.
  6. Oysters
    Rocks of sea
  7. 🐌snails
    Slimy, smelly, and hard to pry from their home/shell.
  8. Shark fin
    Who decided to catch the deadly sea creature cut off it's most distinctive part then make soup???