1. Today I went to a gender reveal
  2. The last "baby" in the family is 24 now.
  3. Their was enough food to feed a army.
  4. And plenty of awkward interactions between the two families. Strangers before today.
  5. A pinata in the shape of question mark with a string that was pulled revealed...
    It's a girl! In pink powder.
  6. The soon to be parents had to be blown off with a left blower.
  7. I'm happy are family is growing, but I still don't understand the primus of the party.
  8. Shouldn't it be called a sex reveal party?
  9. The baby doesn't know what gender it will prefer once it's out.
  10. Do you know how hard it is to find gender neutral clothes for gender reveal party.
    I own nothing Yellow, I hate the color green, so I went with a black dress with orange flowers.
  11. We're gaining a girl, Yahoo!