I've been blessed with a abundance of them, I couldn't be more thankful to each set that showed a interest in my up bringing. They are all different, but proved that sometimes you can choose your family! Unfortunately this list will be in order of the deceased, then in order oldest to youngest.
  1. Papaw Frank
    My father's father, he died when I was four years old from a mix of lung issues and heartbreak over my father's death the year before. I don't remember much, but he served his country and stepped up when my father was paralyzed from the War. A hard worker at our local paper mill for years he provided for all of his family and we never wanted for anything. May he rest in peace.
  2. Grandmother Ellen
    My mother's 1st husband's mother. Her 1st husband tragically died in a motorcycle accident. She considered my mother her daughter, & my father always made it a point to include her for every huge event. I was her grandchild period. She worked hard most of her life at a elementary cafeteria, her retirement party was a testament on how much she was loved. We baked, had family dinners and sleepovers and she was nothing but kind always, in all ways. May she rest in peace.
  3. Chino (Jose)
    This was my maternal aunt's father in law, a Cuban transplant that knew the meaning of hard work, and what it was like to get everything taken from you. He was a kind spirited older gentleman and a man of few words. Many thought this was because he didn't understand the language, but I new it was because he was a observer. May he rest in peace.
  4. Grand
    A industry man who was loyal to his company well after retirement. He had his vices but was a caring gruff goofy guy. He didn't always make the best decisions but he tried his best to make up for any shortcomings and loved us fiercely.
  5. Granny
    My paternal grandmother has always been kind and crafty, and a wonderful cook but unfortunately I never got to know her on a deeper level. Maybe I remind her too much of my father who she lost, or maybe their was a family falling out? When I do see her it's a pleasure but we barely scratch the surface before she's gone again.
  6. Grandma Olga
    My maternal aunt's mother in law also Cuban. I owe a lot to this woman, she helped raise me and brought stabilization when me and my cousins needed it most. She gave me the greatest gift of education and allowed me to use her address and cross school districts for a brighter future. She spoiled me and taught me how to care for others, cook and that it was ok to be a strong woman.
  7. Nana
    My maternal grandmother, she's strong kind and a true southern bell. Shes made a career out of moving (16x's) and raising children. Some of which were not biological, but they never saw a difference. She has a passion for crafting and loves a good sappy movie. She passed down her positive outlook, short stature, and tase in soap's (Y&R).
  8. I wrote this list in part because it was on my mind but also because my Cuban grandma had a unexpected surgery today she made it through but is being transferred to rehab. And good vibes you can send Miamis way would be appreciated!