Inspiration to @ everyone who did the other variation of this list I have no clue who started it originally.
  1. Number of times I emptied the dishwasher vs roommates.
    Why does it always feel like me?
  2. Number of loads of laundry I done.
    If it's not in the thousands I'd be surprised.
  3. Number of loads of laundry I forgot about that had a mildew smell and I'd have to wash all over again.
    Because let's face it, life happens.
  4. Number of times I've cleaned my kitchen counters.
    Deep cleaned at minimum 2xs daily for years.
  5. Number of meals I cooked per stove I've owned.
    I'd like to know if I got more money's worth out of GE vs Maytag.
  6. Number of times I've mopped, refilled the tp stash or took the trash to the garbage can in the garage.
    I'd be surprised if this was high at all I don't do these unless I have to, ha. We all have our non starters.
  7. Number of times I've weeded my garden beds, feeling like this is a never ending project.
    Pull one 1000 grow back.