Inspired by the ride or die friend I visited today, her family is a extension of mine, we can go months without seeing each other but pick up like it was yesterday.
  1. 16 years we met when we were 13 in middle School through a mutual friend. I didn't like her at all at first. Ha
    Isn't kinda funny how the people that give the worst 1st impression are the best people around.
  2. 15 years. She was my boss in Special Ed and we bonded while working with a very difficult child, but remained very professional. A couple of years later she got transferred to a different school and I told her how much I admired and respected her and a friendship was born, that I believe will last for the rest of our lives. My best friend ever!
    Cameo appearance in this photo, by me, in her sunglasses.
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  3. 14 years
    We met my third year teaching, she was my team mate. She has seen me through absolutely everything, I can't imagine living this life without her
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  4. 47 years, while working at first jobs as US Federal Civil Servants
    Neither of us understands this thing, neither of us questions it. Me, "cute" homosexual young man, she, beautiful heterosexual young woman. While all the straight guys fell hard for her, we fell in love.
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  5. 24 years!
    I met Marrianne when we started work in a government department in 1993. I thought she was very loud; she thought that I was quiet and boring..! We've been through A LOT, both good and bad, but this has made our bond even stronger.
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