inspired by @dreadpiratemama
  1. Facebook
    It's just not for me, I guess I'm more private or perfer to hear my soul one list at a time.
  2. Mayonnaise
    Whipped rotten eggs...ick!
  3. Quantum physics
    I doubt I could spell it without auto correct
  4. Why bad things happen to good people.
    What happened to karma, can't we cut the people that try a break?
  5. Meatloaf
    I don't eat loafs of meat. In my experience there always dry. On the flip side I love hamburgers!
  6. Cigarettes
    Grant it I have a lung disease, but even before then I never smoked. It's something like $6 a day depending on brands and has so many adverse effects to your health.
  7. Alaska
    Why? If your state pays you a stipend just because you live there it's got to mean it's unbearable. I don't do well below 50 degrees. That being said I'm sure people feel the same about the south and humidity.
  8. Coconut
    It's the dandruff of food.
  9. Trump
    How did this happen, when will I wake from this nightmare?
  10. Homophobia
    I hate the word homophobia it's not a phobia you're not scared you're just an asshole. - Morgan Freeman