The horrible point in a dramatic movie where everything comes to a head and explodes was my reality yesterday.
  1. My uncle's girlfriend has about as much finesse when breaching subjects as a bull in a China shop.
    It has a tendency to make you feel ambushed.
  2. We were all sitting in the living room with a family friend, and the simple question of: have you had lunch yet? To my diabetic grandmother came up. She hadn't and it was close to 3:00.
  3. Boom, next thing I know were all in a heated conversation, with me explaining that I feel like she hasn't been her own diabetic advocate.
    Her sugars have been over 250 an lower than 65 more often than not on this trip.
  4. My uncle starts to yell at me.
    He had been drinking as always, so to me most of what he was saying didn't make since.
  5. I gather he feels I've been on her case about it. (Diabetes) I feel like he's not taking it serious.
    My only intention is to keep my grandmother around for years to come.
  6. I'm still upset at things said in the argument, and at being yelled at as a grown adult who was trying to help.
    However I will always be seen as a "kid" no matter how old I am which I'm accepting.
  7. Her diabetes is her business, she is old enough to know when she needs to eat or not. I am now just going to have dinner ready by 5.
    She can decide if she wants eat then or not.