I woke up sick, but i still got my chores done.

  1. Picked up my neighbors mail and organized it.
    Bills have to be more important than circulars, I didn't even know that many companies had clothes magazines anymore.
  2. Made two pictures unsweetened tea.
    I had a feeling water was going to get old.
  3. Vacuumed the half of the house I didn't the other day.
    Because I knew the chimney sweeps was going to stir stuff up.
  4. Striped my bed and washed all my sheets.
    Just in case I infected them last night.
  5. Took a shower
    Washed off all germs
  6. Re made bed
    Got in and have tried not to get out.
  7. It's a allergic reaction to the moisture from the fireplace drying out.
    This is not fun.
  8. Thanks for reading my boring list.