disclaimer comparison is the thief of joy, however they are ex's for a reason, and these are the parts of them I'd always admired.
  1. I've always been self sufficient, paying for my own cars, insurance, and schooling. It makes me uncomfortable to be spoiled.
    That being said, it's a nice treat every now and then. So I would keep dans surprises.
  2. I have a uncontrollable need to get things done, I've been that way since I can remember.
    I would keep Bruce's laid back attitude and creative music brakes.
  3. I use humor as a defence mechanism when I'm uncomfortable or in a difficult situation.
    I would keep Johnathans ability to ease any crisis's and make me feel better.
  4. I've been blessed with the gift of gabbing and never meeting a stranger .
    I would keep Devin's charisma, lighting up a room for him was effortless.
  5. More often than not im a pushover, especially with friends and family.
    Steve's strong will and assertiveness would definitely come in handy.