1. To but out.
    Your opinion doesn't matter.
  2. Not to give them "free" medical advice.
    Your not relevant in this discussion.
  3. That you can't take your family member at their word any longer because of their age and health.
    However that family member is the only one who talks to you.
  4. Then disrespects you by yelling obscenities at you during a phone call.
    Unwarranted and still hasn't apologized btw.
  5. Ignores the issues entirely like it just went away.
    Involves other family members so your "smoothed over".
  6. Then asks you to take the older sick family member to the doctor.
    With 12hr notice.
  7. Tells you exactly what to say to the Dr.
    And wants a full report back even though you don't get the same courtesy.
  8. I can't help but feel like a puppet.
    Do this, say this, don't disagree or else!
  9. No matter how gracefully this is handled I'm in the wrong.
    This is beyond frustrating.
  10. I understand blood is blood, but I've careful picked my family in the friends, neighbors, and co workers, who lift me up on a daily basis not the blood, that tears me down because of my age and position in the family.
  11. If you got to the bottom of this list thanks for sticking it out 😍❤☮