1. My 1st boyfriend ex
    Shyness- The ability to simultaneously be the shyest person in the room and make it contagious to everyone he came in contact with.
  2. My highschool sweetheart ex
    Abandonment- The ability to never be there when you needed him, and never be counted on.
  3. My let's play house ex
    Lost boy syndrome- The ability to pretend to create a whole new life without ever fixing the shit holding him back in the first place getting him to wear he wants to be.
  4. My rebellious phase ex
    Collector- The ability to collect people, hobbies, jobs only to dump them months later because of a slight on there part.
  5. My rough around the edges ex
    User- The ability to use all resources up until they were dry and not have a lick of appreciation for it.