Last book your read, and current book your reading

  1. Lauren Graham - Talking as fast as I can, Shonda Rhimes - Year of yes.
  2. Hunger by Roxane Gay
    Suggested by   @kate81
  3. Mark Twain's Joan of Arc. So good it's ridiculous. Educational and insightful.
    Suggested by   @PassiveAggressor
  4. Recently: A Gentleman in Moscow Just started: A Girl Named Zippy
    Suggested by   @jccallist
  5. Recently finished Memory Man by David Baldacci. Currently The Boston Girl
    Suggested by   @k8zinker
  6. Fun read! Buck tells his adventure with a ton of history. Stuff that I never knew about the pioneers amazed me. Up next: "Elephant Company ", about how elephants 🐘and how they helped save lives in WW2.
    Suggested by   @HikerGirl60
  7. Last book I read: Ariel Levy's The Rules Do Not Apply. Currently reading: The Diary of Anne Frank in French and Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy.
    Suggested by   @readjulia