Litaral-- Taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory.
  1. My family refers to me as the literal child.
  2. I do exactly what you ask of me, no room for interpretation.
  3. They get frustrated with me when I get something wrong, I get frustrated with them they didn't take into account the litaral of what was asked.
  4. For example, I was helping a family member make a salad she handed me two bottles of salad dressing, and said both of these are good on salad.
    I drizzled some of each, and mixed the salad, but that's not what she wanted.
  5. Sometimes it's something we laugh about, but other times I get reprimanded for not following directions.
    I feel like I can't read minds, if you wanted me to not do exactly what you stated, explain it different.
  6. To counter balance this in latter years I've started to ask more questions, when asked to do something.
    The reaction I get is sarcasm, or a tone implying im "slow" or over thinking things.
  7. We need to take the time to really understand our family members and friends instead of just passing their quirks off as irrelevant.