Todays discovery was lush a vegetarian friendly cosmetic line.
  1. Animal cruelty free.
    They actually fight it, seek out all above board companies to source material from.
  2. All products are vegetarian.
  3. Some are vegan.
  4. Most have all natural ingredients.
  5. Most are made in store.
  6. You can also sample (for free) anything in the store.
  7. I bought a minty face mask.
    Clarifies your skin and balances oils.
  8. A lip scrub.
    Made of oils and sugar to exfoliate and snack on haha
  9. A moisturizing exfoliating lotion bar.
    Feels like butter. Yes!
  10. 2 bath bombs.
    Bicarb so their effervescent and smell amazing.
  11. 1 bath bubble thing
    You break some off and it makes tons of bubbles.
  12. I'm in love with this brand.