Meal planning tips?

Just starting out with this, I usually make meals up on the fly protien shake for breakfast, salad or leftovers for lunch and throw something together for dinner. I end up sliping because I have no time to make a healthy dinner or I'm out during lunch. any tips for someone just starting out?
  1. I've picked the meals for next week today.
    I'll shop for all the ingredients I need tomorrow.
  2. I'm making 1 breakfast casserole for the entire week.
    Going to switch back and forth from the casserole to a breakfast shake.
  3. Lunch will be Mason jar salad or left overs from dinner.
  4. I picked out 7 different dinners to make.
  5. Am I do this right?
  6. Any tips?
  7. First of all, YAY! I love menu planning. I like to plan out about 5-6 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each. That way when other things come up, random friend dinners, lunch with coworkers, brunch with family, I can juggle things around.
    I also try to stick with theme nights. I do Mexican Monday, Italian Tuesday, a crockpot or casserole meal, an American meal (meat/carbs or soup/sandwich), and/or husband's choice. I do all the planning and shopping over the weekend so it's all ready for a new week on Monday.
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  8. I've just started to do more of this too. Lately I've been making a breakfast quiche (crustless) as well and right away break it down into 5 containers for morning drive to work. I also make homemade oatmeal - which takes minutes- for the week as well. 2 parts water to 1 part oats and add in anything you like - I like brown sugar and raspberries.
    Break that into 5 containers as well for a mid-morning snack. I also cut a bunch of veggies and put into a big resealable bowl for the next few days. I find I'm more inclined to have veggies if already cut up. Dinners I stick to things I can make in less than 30 minutes: turkey tacos, chicken and salad, pasta, stir fry and rice to name a few. Your ideas look yummy!!
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