1. For the longest time I was on a low dose muscle relaxer.
    To solve issues of back pain.
  2. I only took as needed right before bed, so when I woke up in the am I'd feel much better.
    Being that I only breath 30% of what a normal person does, the muscles in my back work overtime and tense up if I've had a long and strenuous day.
  3. Then all of a sudden my insurance wouldn't cover the muscle relaxer I'd been using for years that works.
    I've tried appeals, alternate medication, even Dr appeals.
  4. I have their equivalent of a replacement, but it last maybe 1 hr at the most, it doesn't even work the same way the last pill did.
    It does make me sleepy tho.
  5. I still take as needed before bed, but theirs a 20 min period where I feel extra loopy right before I fall asleep.
    Why does insurance companies just decided to offer things for years and then take them away?
  6. Why can't anyone ever agree on healthcare as a whole, a plan that benefits all involved!