1. I'm currently waiting in the lung transplant clinic of the Medical University Of South Carolina.
  2. Waiting on my visit with my pulmanologist.
  3. I have the visits every 6 months.
  4. It used to be every 3 months
  5. Before that it was every month.
  6. I've had more x-rays, CT scans than I can count on both hands.
    No doubt i will be lighting up like a Christmas tree before I get to "old and gray".
  7. This is the reality that was sprung upon me when I was 23.
  8. I've made it past my "expiration date"
    Fuck drs who give you one in the 1st place.
  9. Currently sitting across from a transplant recipient 6weeks out!
  10. Talking to a recipient 2 years out!!!
  11. Over hearing the conversation has slapped me with perspective.
  12. These woman are literal walking miracles
  13. My personal hero's
  14. Ive gotten through what's been thrown at me so far.
  15. Thankfully I'm holding steady, but tomorrow I could go downhill.
  16. Living, and loving is what's important right now.
  17. Everything else will work itself out.