inspired by everyone that has done this list already.
  1. Babysitter.
    It's hard to believe he just graduated high school.
  2. Dog sitter.
    I technically still do this from time to time.
  3. Cashier for dollar tree.
    Not a fan of how the company treats the employees, but I still love getting a good deal.
  4. Manager jockey international.
    A underwear chain, I was also a qualified bra fitter.
  5. Property manager.
    I had the opportunity to live in a 6 bedroom, 6 bath house rent free for 1 year, I maintained the grounds, house, and did minor repairs.
  6. Child transport.
    A glorified taxi/surrogate soccer mom. Helped out a friend who's daughter needed to get back and forth to cheer practice.
  7. Personal assistant.
    Right hand woman to the well off family that owned the 6bed 6bath home.