1. I don't have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
    I have no desire for any of them, but I get points for knowing what they are right???
  2. I almost never know the just released new music from new artist.
    If I do happen to here something good that's new before some of my friends there shocked.
  3. I usually wait until series are on Netflix so I can binge watch.
    Also I still don't have Hulu. Ha commitment issues maybe?
  4. I have a sugar glider instead of a cat or dog.
    In my opinion it's a lot more work than a cat.
  5. I'd perfer a meet cute instead of blind dates and online dating doesn't appeal to me.
    That's probably why I'm single.
  6. I'm always late to the book club best sellers train.
    I read the hot books from 3 years ago when all press has died down if not only because my book wish list is rediculas.
  7. I pay absolutely no attention to the fashion of the moment.
    I wear what's comfortable, and if I have to tug, pull, or ich more than 3 times in a garment I donate it.
  8. I get made fun of for my car daily.
    It suits my needs, so that's probably why this is the third model of the same car I've owned.
  9. My socks never match.
    If I pull two out that are the same it's a tiny miracle.
  10. I avoid drama like the plague.
    Most others thrive on it, why can't we all just increase the peace?