inspired by @potus
  1. Soap operas - under
    We take for granted some of them have been there 5 days a week for all of our lives.
  2. Oreos - over
    Only good as crushed and a ice cream topping.
  3. Fruit - under
    Perfect portable snack.
  4. Artichokes - over
    So much work for so little"meat"
  5. Senior citizens - under
    The knowledge they have could teach us more than we could ever know.
  6. Reality shows - over
    Too many to count! (That being said the ratchet ones are entertaining)
  7. Power of meditation, reflection l, or prayer - under
    Helps to calm nerves, and get your head straight. Ok
  8. Bullying - over
    Pick on someone ur own size.
  9. Friendship - under
    A good friend can be a therapist, and asylum all at once