bless you for this day in, and day out. The only way I get by is over organization haha aunts for the win!
  1. Making anything to eat or drink, and forgetting to eat or drink it because the kid needs or wants something.
  2. Waking them up, and keeping them up because it's to late for a nap.
    We take breaks around this joint, no naps your sleeping tonight!!!
  3. Making anything and everything into a game to get it done.
  4. Making that specific TV show your mortal enemy and never giving it as a choice for TV time.
    Looking at you Masha and bear and Peppa pig.
  5. Feeding them healthy in the am and giving up around lunch bc they need some sort of food for all that running around. Haha
  6. Trying not to laugh when they sas you.
    Damn did my 4 year old just read me?