Peer pressure

My initial feeling for all social media is usually NO! The list of what I don't have: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Vine (when this was a thing) vs what I do have: Pinterest,, and now bumpers has always made me a odd man out. I'm perfectly fine with that, because I want to surround myself with creativity and positivity only.
  1. I did it tho, I got a bumpers account!
    Screen name: elmospimpingme.
  2. It's funny that I can make daily list about the random things floating around in my head but to say them out loud is a different level of vulnerability I'm not comfortable with.
  3. Anywho I'm enjoying hearing your voice's for the first time.
    Some of you surprised me others sounded exactly like I thought.
  4. For now I think I'll just creep on everyone's podcast until I have something important to say.
    Maybe it's like a bandaid, you should just rip it off quick and get it over with?
  5. Thanks for all the post about this otherwise i wouldn't of known to check it out!