Real, or fake, and why?

Trees of course!
  1. Real, because it smells like Christmas!
  2. Fake
    We had a bug infestation in our real tree last year and we cannot deal with that again 😅
    Suggested by   @sarahsmith4
  3. Real!
    I had a fake one the first few years I lived here. But it was always getting bent in storage and it just didn't have the same feel to it.
    Suggested by   @karlalucia
  4. Real for several reasons. 1) The smell is a given 2) there is enough fakeness in our lives 3) real supports farmers 4) buying real is an activity the whole family can enjoy together 5) Christmas card photo ops at real tree lot 6) there are also varieties of real like the Nordman fir that are people with allergies.
    Suggested by   @kellykock