1. Jimmy Kimmel
    Wasn't amazing at the job, but he got by OK. Wasn't feeling the tour bus bit.
  2. Musical performances
    Justin Timberlake got it started the right way, and lin-manuel Miranda's Moana song rap intro was everything. Sting was good as always.
  3. Shirley MacLaine , Michael J Fox, Meryl Streep are inspirations and at the tops of their fields.
    I admire Michael and his ability to use humor to help him through what I imagine to be a impossible disease.
  4. Can we all agree candy dropping out of thin air is in all our hopes and dreams.
  5. I'm not usually a Jimmy Kimmel watcher, what's his beef with Matt Damon?
  6. John legend city of stars.
    I'm going to have this song in my head for days, and I don't mind a bit.
  7. Emma Stone
    Beautiful speach sincere and eloquent.
  8. Best picture moonlight