Warning this list isn't rainbows and sunshine.
  1. My ex owes me money.
    Over 5,000, Yes in hindsight I shouldn't of Lent him anything but I thought it was for ever... blah blah blah.
  2. We didn't end on the best of terms, but he decided to "man up" (his words) and pay me back in monthly installments.
    (He cheated, after I supported him and nursed him back to health after a servere motorcycle accident)
  3. He hasn't paid me the full agreed upon amount in 2 months.
    Although I noticed today he has a new tattoo sleeve, I'm betting wasn't free.
  4. He's the type to never hold down a job, because his strong personality doesn't take bosses well.
    He's had a few self employed businesses, but lacks the drive to make them successful.
  5. Two days ago he opened a line of communication over text barring his soul.
    His grandiose plans to open a pool hall downtown because we don't have one. (I can think of 3)
  6. His rough time making payments on all his "toys" and household bills.
    Meanwhile, ive had $16 in the bank for two weeks now.
  7. Then late last night I get this.
    "I hope you know that you hold a special place in my heart that no one will ever occupy. I always have, and always will love you... 😘"
  8. I doubt the sincerity, and it's more likely that he wanted to butter me up for not having the full amount today.
    I don't wish him any ill will were friendly, but not that friendly. I can even build him up if he needs it. "You'll get there" "sometimes that's how life goes"
  9. However I'm in a different place, it took a lot for me to be emotionally DONE with him, because he stole so much frome me when we were together.
  10. All I need is the money, not the monthly sessions of hunting him to meet for payment and excuses.
    I've been on a fixed income for a while now, I truly need this influx of cash to help with my bills.
  11. If you've got this far, thanks for reading the ravings of a woman scorned.