1. Woke up with a head ache
  2. Realize it's Saturday instead of Sunday.
  3. Got a distraught call from my grandmother.
    Explaining she was sick.
  4. I'm currently out of town, so I called my mom to speak with her and coordinate with my aunt to see if I need to leave from vacation early to take her to the Dr.
  5. I then get a irate call from my aunt's husband who is yelling at me that I do nothing for my grandmother and I need to take her for 6 months.
    It wasn't warranted, and if he didn't want her to move in, why did he push for it so hard?
  6. Three loads of laundry, cleaning the entire kitchen, and cleaning Marley's cage I'm still pissed.
  7. Ugh this day needs to get better!