Situational Awareness - is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the mission. More simply, it's knowing what is going on around you.
  1. A military term.
  2. Most people have it.
    A general awareness of what's happening around you at all times.
  3. It helps in being a defensive driver.
    Saving you and others around you from accidents.
  4. It serves well in high crowded areas.
    Allowing you to move to the side when others are trying to pass.
  5. It helps to identify when a situation is taking a turn for the worse.
    The body language of others around you tenses you know their might be a fight.
  6. I have no clue if it can be taught, or if it's passed down.
  7. I don't know if some have it because they are more curious of their surroundings and others don't because their more comfortable in their own skin.
  8. However I feel everyone should have some form of awareness in their every day life.
  9. Things I'd like to avoid as follows:
  10. - Waiting until you finish your text to go on a green light.
    Don't text and drive!
  11. - Walking down a crowded street only to run Into a stranger who makes a abrupt stop for a picture.
    Move to the side please.
  12. - Listening to a strangers conversation in a restaurant because they don't understand how speaker phone works.
    Learn inside and outside voices please.
  13. Thanks.