1. I had a retail job I worked 5 days a week for 8 years.
  2. It was a national chain, but small store.
  3. Crappy pay, underappreciated, and long hrs.
  4. I stayed because somewhere along the way I learned responsibility, and how to be a better employee from the ground up.
  5. It was a safe space, and I had freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted as long as all the work got done.
  6. We went through tons of managers, but a few of the employees I started with were with me until my end at the company.
  7. We created a family, messed up dysfunctional one but we stuck it out between the good and bad.
  8. My customer base was loyal, some we would see three out of the five days of the week, some more.
  9. We saw kids grow, and couple's marry, and had some superficial conversations.
  10. Every now and then they got deep, I met a woman 12 years ago that I now consider to be a surrogate grandmother.
  11. I went through high school, college, and buying my first house with this job and these people.
  12. I wouldn't trade any of it no matter how much at times I hated it, because its helped mold me into who I am today.
  13. And those co workers i met so many years before have stuck by me through it all.
  14. Thanks guys!